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Type an internet address so that content may be downloaded from the network and used as random elements.Move your mouse over the small stray squares to scroll the text. Move your mouse over text to magnify it.Drag the small circle at the bottom right corner of the screen and move it up and down inside of this colorful bar to change the color of the interface.Drag that same circle further and hold it over any of the images in this spinning circle to move from from one experiment to another. Try going around the bottom left to get to your picture. It's pretty but frustrating unless you know how to use it. Drag the small circular handles.Drag the small circular handles.Drag the small circular handles.Click each circle and make them have offspring.Drag the small circular handles.Click each square to branch.Type one letter at a time and wait for the second to last dot on the bottom right of the screen to completely disapear before getting a surprise.Typing letters will help you form a small web. You can also drag your sentence with the mouse to get a better look.Type very slow, then type very fast. Click each word repeatedly until the screen is filled with words.

1999 Joshua T. Nimoy