Design work at Pentagram
I worked on a variety of projects, most of which were barely my own. Lisa would need to prepare emergency presentations. Jiae needed interactive production and illustrations in a project for Bloomberg. Jack needed algorithmic advisory. I gave technique workshops, as well as individual guidance to teammates. I helped David build a small LCD screen. Below are two projects that were also collaborative, but very much a product of my own taste and labor. Collaborator Bios
Lisa Strausfeld (partner)
Jiae Kim
David Lu
Josh Nimoy
Jack Zerby
Pentagram Archive

The Pentagram Archive was an experimental project to visualize the archived design work of Pentagram, from 1972 to 2003. A set of three projects per partner was curated from a database of six thousand. In each of the four scenes, a different organizational approach was taken.

Download more writing (word doc)
The software runs on Macs and PCs and was written in C++ by the designer. For an interactive demonstration, contact Partner Lisa Strausfeld at Pentagram.

Concept for Mohawk Papers

Below are Motion concept pieces for a redesign of Mohawk Papers' public information retrieval system. Along with other concepts by Tamara Maletic, these comps were then studied and adapted by designer Jack Zerby to produce the final interface. I also assisted Jack in the programming. The demos on this webpage are interactive. Click to launch them.

The goal was to bring out some of the natural behavior of paper in hopes to form ideas for an interface that feels analog, yet survives as a dynamic layout.

Visit final design at Mohawk Paper Mills

//Spring 2004
This project won a gold award for interface design at the Industrial Designer's Society of America IDEA 2004 and will be featured in an upcoming CommArts.

Linear Chronology

Multiple Categorization


Random Association

There was a zoom tool.

Below are screenshots of motion transitions between any of the four above scenes. These transitions were a beautiful behavior that made the environment more engaging, and provided incentive for switching between scenes.

Copyright 2003 Pentagram, portfolio permission given to Josh Nimoy